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Welcome to Tek-Moulds precision engineering

We are highly equipped and prepared to manufacture high precision engineering solutions for various applications in multiple industry sectors.

We are here to help you materialise your ideas

Let's talk about your company needs.

Since its inception in 2003 the company has experienced tremendous growth, thanks to the drive, enthusiasm and ‘CAN DO’ approach of the team on site, fuelled by the vision of the leadership team.

Tek-Moulds embarked on a relentless pursuit to continuously exceed customer needs in offering high precision engineering that will drive further growth through upcoming opportunities in new sectors

The customer caring team on site, as well as state of the art technologies, are the driving forces for Tek-Moulds to continue to grow.

Currently we are recognised locally, as one of the best “High-tech precision engineering solution providers” offering a total service ranging from product design, development, concept optimisation, tool validation and sampling. We can also support our customer with production parts.

We can help you materialise your paper sketched idea, through the use of 3d modelling and 3d printing, up until a production tool capable of supplying the market with hundreds or millions of parts.